Color and motion excite me, and I love harmoniously incorporating the two! I have been a graphic designer for many years and love to grow and learn more as the industry changes. I've run my own design businesses for 18 years, after a long stint with an international publishing company. One of my first freelance jobs was as Art Director for strength training journal Pure Power. Involvement with the magazine led to my becoming a competitive power lifter for several years.

At some point along the way, I desired more than ink on paper and developed an interest in motion graphics. Being self-employed allowed me to graduate with honors in Digital Design and Art History from the University of Colorado Denver.

I currently apply myself in creating motion graphic promo videos and commercials as well as print and digital design for C'motion, and in my role as Visual Communications Manager for a non-profit. My strength is helping non-profits and small businesses grow through outstanding and affordable marketing design. My latest accomplishments have been social media marketing and learning to play the piano.

When not working or involved in academics, I enjoy taking road trips with my camera, alpine hiking, 4-wheeling in my Jeep, and oil painting. I'm high-spirited and always looking for life's next adventure. I seek collaboration with others who compliment my skills and talents.