Effective Branding for Maximum Impact

Our strength is our ability to create and translate cohesive branding across multiple media, and to do so more affordably than large agencies. We can start from the ground up for new companies or those requiring a total redesign, or work in stages according to the particular need.

Branding isn’t just a logo and business card, it's the entire experience one undergoes when dealing with a company. Starbucks is much more than a cup of coffee. You can get a cuppa Joe at McDonald's. It's the atmosphere, the aroma, the big comfie chairs, the jazzy music, your favorite table on the patio, and finally the warm sweetness cascading over your taste buds.

With this in mind, we always take some time to get to know our clients, and understand their unique make-up before starting a project. Most are involved in service- or people-based businesses, so it's vitally important that we accurately convey the company culture and attitude. We listen and we're sensitive to client needs, but offer alternatives when appropriate. We can often save money by suggesting unorthodox marketing strategies. We believe that the best design solution is a collaboration between the client and the designer, with plenty of input from each.